Why Does Your Web Storefront Need to be Mobile-Friendly in 2016?

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August 11, 2016
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August 23, 2016
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Why Does Your Web Storefront Need to be Mobile-Friendly in 2016?

In case you haven’t heard yet, in April 2015, the Internet witnessed “Mobilegeddon” – an update to Google’s algorithm that favored mobile-friendly websites. As alarming as it may sound, things turned out to not be that scary.

In May 2016, Google updated the algorithm. It applies to your web storefront as well.

Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm delivers better results to people who use a mobile device. It offers an additional rank boost to websites that meet some specific requirements.

You didn’t know about Google’s algorithm and how it is impacting your online business? Read on to find out.

Mobile-Friendly in a Nutshell

We’re sure you know by now what mobile-friendly means. But it is important to know what Google understands by this. So they developed a tool that can check your web storefront for mobile-friendliness. Here are the requirements your website should meet:

  • No software that is uncommon on mobile devices (e.g. Flash)
  • The text can be read without zooming
  • Users must not need to scroll sideways to see your entire content
  • Links can be easily tapped with a finger

Easy, simple, useful for mobile devices users. Your online business gets a boost in rankings if it meets Google’s requirements. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to fix that!

web storefront mobile friendly

Your Web Storefront Is Not Mobile-Friendly?

If after using the tool mentioned above, Google says you are not mobile-friendly, don’t panic.

While some e-Commerce websites have successfully used a different version for mobile devices, nowadays it’s better to go with a responsive layout. That means that your entire content will automatically adapt to fit any screen size.

For Google, it’s all about helping mobile users have a better experience online. That doesn’t mean your web storefront will not appear in search results. It only means that your competition might have an edge over you.

So it is imperative to go mobile-friendly.

web storefront mobile friendly

Why Is There so Much Focus on Mobile Devices?

Are you wondering why there is so much focus on mobile compatibility? Well, could you imagine living your life without your smartphone? Ever thought about how many other people are just like you?

It is expected that by the end of 2016, the number of smartphone users will reach a whopping – almostthree billion worldwide.

If you’re using Analytics, you’ve already noticed that more and more users are getting to your web storefront with mobile devices.

So if your website is not mobile-friendly, you may be losing a lot. Not just regarding ranking, but regarding potential customers as well.

A Mobile-Friendly Storefront Is a Must in 2016

Smartphones are no longer just a way to communicate with others. They are sophisticated devices, and more and more people are learning how to use them to simplify their life.

In case you didn’t know, mobile overtook fixed Internet access back in 2014. At the end of 2015, the average user spent almost six hours on the Internet, and more than half was spent using a mobile device.

Wondering what you should do to be mobile-friendly? Here are the three most important things:

  • Meet all of Google’s requirements
  • Your web storefront pages must load in under 10 seconds (Testing tool)
  • A mobile user has a great experience on your e-store

Even more important is the fact that Google announced that it is testing two different search indexes – one for desktop and one for mobile. That means you might not appear at all in mobile searches if you are not mobile-friendly.

mobile friendly ecommerce

More Searches on Mobile Devices than on Desktop Computers

More and more users are visiting your web storefront by using mobile devices. Isn’t it obvious you should be catering to them? Yes, it is!

The momentum of mobile search has reached a tipping point. Even if, for most online stores, mobile conversion rates aren’t that amazing, it cannot be ignored. People arrive on your e-Commerce site by using a mobile device – mostly for research purposes.

Doesn’t that mean they are showing a buying intent? If they can’t find you or can’t navigate easily around your products, you’ll lose their interest.

On-the-Go Consumers and Local Businesses

In 2016, when a person has a question or needs something, thy generally turn to their smartphone for help. Most of these users want the solution to their problem as fast as possible. Even if they don’t know it, Google and other search engines have optimized search results for them.

It is vital for your business to be listed correctly online and mobile-friendly. Make sure you don’t lose these on-the-go consumers.

When a user performs a search on their smartphone, Google doesn’t just use the keyword(s) to generate results, but localization as well. The first results will be determined by how close they are to the location of the user.

Back in 2013, 69% of mobile consumers expected businesses to be within five miles of their location when making a purchasing decision.

not mobile friendly web storefront

Don’t Be One of “Those Web Storefronts”

We’ve mentioned the fact that users must have an excellent experience on your e-Commerce website before.

For example, a client likes this IT online store because it always has the newest pieces of equipment for excellent prices. The problem is that when they visit it using their smartphone, it drives them nuts. The pages take too long to load, and they have to be very careful with where they tap. What are the chances they will cease to visit that store?

Don’t be like that. Make sure the user can find everything quickly. Make sure the search box is big and you include some autofill suggestions. Use personalization and offer robust filtering options. Focus on the simplest checkout method and the most secure payment options possible.

Give mobile users quality. Welcome them with warmth and they will love you. Help them have the best experience and you will win them over. Don’t rush things. Take your time and do something awesome.

StoreFront has been in business for almost 20 years. We offer you one of the best e-Commerce shopping cart software available – together with our vast experience. You can read about our mobile-friendly website design services right here.

If you have any questions about our scalable platform, go ahead and contact us.

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