Top 4 Business Podcasts You Should Get Hooked On

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January 16, 2019
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Top 4 Business Podcasts You Should Get Hooked On


While you’re busy compiling the blueprints of your startup, you might feel demotivated and ready to head back to the day-to-day grind you left to establish your own company. Establishing a startup requires patience, endurance and a lot of hard work. While these attributes are necessary to transform your startup into a revenue-earning endeavor, there is also another offering you could use to kick start your business.

Podcasts have helped change the world with their powerful marketing gimmicks and ultimate link-building resources. Listening to podcasts might help you gain knowledge and inspiration from companies that have managed to pave their way into the world through vigilance and consistency.


Source: Visually

Ever since podcasts were introduced as an alternative to video making, most people began on tuning and listening to them to become relevant in today’s world. Gaining prominence through video making has lately limited the growth of businesses. Podcasts, however, not only help them to use this tool for marketing, but also help them drive organic traffic to their websites.

Podcasts as a Link-Building Tool:

Appearing as a guest on a podcast is an amazing strategy to garner attention from people all around the world. This not only helps you to convert potential leads to customers, but also allows you to establish a personal podcast to keep people updated about your business. Podcasts are considered as mere extensions of a business – they help to keep the public enticed through mentions, transcripts, links and quotes. These attributes help in amplifying a brand’s presence on social media which is one of the most important marketing tools today.

However, here’s the most important question of all? How do you secure a spot as a guest at a raving podcast? Pitching an idea for the ultimate podcast production might seem a tad bit difficult at first, but it becomes exciting when you realize that it is the ultimate ice breaker.

In order to appear as a guest on a podcast for link-building purposes, research about them and go through their library in depth. This research will help you develop an idea regarding the company’s objectives, and therefore, will help you come up with a good deal that you can pitch to them.


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These ideas can help you guarantee a spot as a guest on their podcast, and therefore, will help to convert the traffic into potential leads on your website. However, make sure that you collaborate with a company that belongs to the same or similar industry as yours.

While you’re busy thinking about an idea as you take the subway downtown, how about listening to some of the leading business podcasts for inspiration? Mentioned below are 5 of our favorite business podcasts that we think you should get hooked to right away.

1)   Shopify’s TGIM – Thank God It’s Monday

Since the start of the week is perceived as drudgery, Shopify has therefore, launched a podcast that aims to tackle your weekly Monday blues through motivation, persuasion and persistence. Shopify’s TGIM aims to tackle the woes of a struggling businessman by bringing the stories of ambitious entrepreneurs to them through its most proactive podcast.


Source: Shopify

Apart from Shopify Masters that hands out Ecommerce advice like a pro, TGIM aims to help you build connections and trust in your startup amidst the possibility of failures. TGIM features podcasts from entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin and Pat Flynn who tend to focus on the core ingredients of entrepreneurship.

Message to take home from: Unconventional Wisdom: Seth Godin, Embracing Failure and the Importance of Questions.

2)   Marketing Trends:

Marketing Trends is probably one of the leading podcasts on the Internet that aims to deliver the latest updates among chief marketing officers in business. These updates have been known to relentlessly feature the biggest names in marketing. CMOs such as Peter Schwartz, Peter Isaacson, Jeff Titterton, Beth Comstock and a variety of other leading names in the business have made Marketing Trends one of the most sought after podcasts to listen to.

Marketing Trends

Source: Marketing Trends

Marketing Trends also introduces guest interviews from entrepreneurs backing the marketing spaces of Google, Amazon and other multinational companies. While most of the podcasts deal in breaking down marketing strategies for its listeners, others are concerned on how you can become a better entrepreneur through efficient customer experience, brand design and creativity.

Message to take home from: Top Marketing Trends for 2019 with Brian Rothenberg (Part 1) and Top Marketing Trends for 2019 with Brian Rothenberg (Part 2).

3)   IT Visionaries:

Marching toward the mission to bring every hostile IT entrepreneur under a huge frame, IT Visionaries has therefore, proved to be a huge asset for entrepreneurs on our tech-obsessed planet. The podcast features significant stories and guidance from visionaries who are leading personalities in their respective industries.

IT Visionaries

Source: IT Visionaries

With the ability to listen to podcasts on your smartphones, IT Visionaries indulges in stories that talk about the future of databases and computers, visionary customer experiences and the importance of effective leadership as well.

Message to take home from: Progressing IT through Business Partnership and Citizen Configuration

4)   Seth Godin’s Start-up School:

Seth Godin is one of the leading marketers in the industry. With his podcast, Seth Godin’s Start-up School, the budding marketer has sought to groom 30 entrepreneurs who are new to the industry and could use some guidance to establish their startup. Seth Godin’s Start-up School has currently rounded up 15 podcasts that can be downloaded and accessed via iTunes and Google Play as well.


Source: Art19

These podcasts are great for budding entrepreneurs, especially those who have been personally groomed by Seth Godin for this purpose. From freelancing to entrepreneurship, Seth Godin talks about ungodly tactics and skills required to launch a startup from scratch.

Message to take home from: Making Ideas Travel and Freelancer or Entrepreneur?

These business podcasts will not only help you cover all fundamental basics of entrepreneurship, but will also allow you to develop a knack for exhibiting your skills wisely. To get into podcast production, take inspiration from these leading giants and start recording your experience right away.

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