The Pitfalls You Need to Avoid When Using Shopping Cart Software

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July 19, 2016
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The Pitfalls You Need to Avoid When Using Shopping Cart Software

shopping cart software

With so many eCommerce businesses booming, many new companies are entering the industry. However, don’t assume that it’s easy to thrive in the industry. Some may think that excellent shopping cart software is enough. It’s certainly important, but it won’t be your only challenge.

Along the way, there are many pitfalls that you need to identify and avoid. Don’t worry; we are here to help you.

1. Website Problems

The site architecture you choose, together with the shopping cart software are crucial. A few bad choices can make you lose an enormous amount of clients. Consider the following:

Bad Aesthetics

The first thing that a lead thinks about when visiting your site is if it looks good.

It’s unlikely that they will reflect on the fonts you use, the placement or image quality. Still, all those things come together to form the overall looks of your website.

Make sure that everything blends well together. The more appealing your website is, the more likely people are to keep browsing.laptop-1160447_640

Take extra care with the product pictures. They need to be clear, high-quality and pleasant. Pictures are often the final “test” before people buy.

Weird Design

Browse the Internet enough and you’ll eventually run into a website so poorly designed, you can’t navigate it. It’s safe to assume that when that happens, people just leave. You can’t have that happen to your website.

Ensure that a first-time visitor instantly knows how to reach the pages they need. Consider when a link should open in a new window and when it shouldn’t. Ensure that your calls to action and special offers are easy to spot.

We do our fair share of website design, and we know just how important it is for sales.

Lack of a Mobile Version or App

A huge number of people now use mobile devices to do their shopping, and the number is still growing. You need an app or a mobile version of the website at the very least.

You will get the best results with your very own eCommerce app. We understand that not all businesses are interested in developing one, however. Then the next best thing is to optimize the website for mobile. One way or another, make sure the site is accessible via mobile cart software

Sites that are not optimized are hard to navigate on smartphones. That means that mobile users will stay away from them. They’re too large of a group to ignore. Take their needs into consideration when planning the website and shopping cart software.

Shopping Cart Software Complexity

If leads can’t check their cart at any time or need to leave the page to do it, they’ll probably abandon it. The software you choose, just like the website design, needs to be intuitive.

Consider how fast the checkout process is and how you can improve it. Do some testing before launch and always use analysis tools to see what can be done better.

Get flexible shopping cart software. That way you can tailor it to the specific needs of your clients.

To ensure the success of your eCommerce business, start with the website. Advertising won’t help if people dislike the site.

2. Marketing Mistakes

Not that you know which site pitfalls to avoid, it’s time to start attracting people to it. There are many correct ways of creating a marketing strategy but many wrong ways too.

Misunderstanding Email Marketing

As an eCommerce business, emails are one of your best friends. They can bring many benefits if used well but do a lot of damage if misused.

Create a newsletter and ask users to sign up. Offer them interesting and useful information, maybe coupons too. Just by sending an email every week, you are making sure that people remember the company.

In time, the relationship between the customer and the business grows. Consider even sending special emails only to loyal clients. It creates incentive and boosts customer

Don’t go overboard, though. Spamming your mail list with constant small details is a surefire way of losing clients.

Try to put yourself in their place. Consider how often you’d like to receive emails and create a schedule. Find the right balance and your company will start growing.

Not Answering Questions

Whether on social media or your website, customer questions and comments should be taken seriously.

People want to know that they matter for companies. The first step to achieving that is to offer timely responses. You prove your knowledge on the matter and that you value clients.

Try to keep the response time under an hour. If you can manage it, you’ll build great relationships with your customers.

Never Changing Tactics

As you experiment with email marketing or any other type, you become better at it. In time, you will build a loyal audience through the method you used. That’s great but don’t become complacent.

Once you’ve mastered one form of marketing, it’s time to try something new. You’ll reach new audiences this way and expand your client list.

Take social media as an example. Say your Facebook page is booming with activity and you’re getting a lot of traffic from there. It’s an excellent time, then, to expand to Twitter, where not many know about you yet.

You can even leverage your real influence. Invite your Facebook followers to check out your Twitter page. The growth of that account will then be greatly accelerated.

Being Too Straightforward when Advertising

Some companies start with the notion that their leads already know everything about the products and want to buy. That’s very rarely the case.

More often than not, a lead will check the product out, see your “About” page, look for some alternatives and then decide. You can’t simply tell them to make a purchase. If you do, they’ll think that you only want their money.speakers-213232_640

Cultivate your leads. Help them understand the products and their options. If you provide them with valuable information, they will come to trust you. Then, when you suggest they buy something, they will be open to the idea.

How Dangerous Are These Pitfalls?

It’s hard to say how much any of these mistakes can cost you. Bad website design, for example, can take many forms. Suffice to say that any of these blunders can severely stunt growth.

Too many pitfalls can spell the end of an eCommerce business. That’s why you have to be careful and not let anything to chance.

We understand the challenges your company faces. We have created the StoreFront software to help you avoid any problems. Get in touch with us and learn how our software and services will help you succeed.

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