The Most Important Features of a Web Storefront in 2016

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July 12, 2016
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The Most Important Features of a Web Storefront in 2016

Setting up a web storefront is easy when you have the right type of software. The difficulties arise when your storefront is chock-full of features, but not all of them serve a practical purpose.

We have compiled a list of features that should not be missing from any professional online store.

1. Maintain Customer Confidence with Shipment Tracking

No other word can describe an online customer better than ‘impatient’. People want to know the status of their order at any time. The best way to go about this is to implement integrated shipment tracking.

Besides assuring the customer that their order is on the way, you can drive traffic to and from the company that does your shipping.

Our Storefront shopping cart software integrates this as part of many other useful shopper account features.

2. You Can’t Go Wrong with Wish Lists

With consumerism ever on the rise, wish lists should not be missing from your web storefront. Let’s say you have a product worth buying, and you’re thinking of having a sale to drive up profits. You will want your customers to be aware of that product.

Implementing a wish list lets consumers know when their favorite item is on sale. If you’re holding a contest, you can promote the item as a prize. Talk about a win-win situation!

3. Privacy for Your Web Storefront

People value their privacy more than anything else, so make sure to offer them that possibility.

Loyal customers may feel the need to create an account on your website for repeated purchases. One-time buyers will be deterred from your website if it starts being intrusive.

Offer both options, and who knows? Maybe one-timers will be persuaded to create an account in the future.

4. A Reassuring Tool for Online Store Owners – Web Analytics

Offering all these useful features to the public is a sign that you care about customer satisfaction. But being a little bit selfish can be good sometimes.

Implement analytics into your web storefront

By implementing web analytics software, you can keep track of many things related to your web storefront, including:

  • Unique visitors to your website
  • What segments of the population are most likely to visit or purchase (this helps market your product to a better audience)
  • Bounce rates (or when a user enters and exits your page in a single session) to understand what works and what doesn’t work on your website
  • Incoming sources of revenue (whether through advertising or sales)

Storefront eCommerce software has been created with all of these features (and more) in mind. It is continually updated with new features as new demands arise in the market.

5. Floating “Add to Cart” Buttons to Make Your Customers’ Lives Easier

Nothing spells bad web design for a customer like having to scroll up and down the page to find crucial buttons. With recent advancements, it is unpardonable for a web designer to not implement such a feature.

Another advantage comes from the fact that online customers are usually impulse buyers. By making it easy for them to purchase a product, they will keep clicking that “Add to Cart” button for as long as the list is scrolling.

If you have already implemented some of these features, congratulations! You are well on your way towards having a base of satisfied customers.

If not, or if you are looking to optimize your store functionality, we at Storefront are ready to help.

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