The Importance of Online Customer Retention in E-commerce

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May 31, 2016
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The Importance of Online Customer Retention in E-commerce

The Importance of Online Customer Retention in E-commerce

So you’ve managed to get the customer’s attention, either through outbound or inbound marketing. The customer has made their way to your ecommerce-enabled website, gotten the information they wanted and purchased whatever they needed. Now what? Do you just forget about this customer and focus on getting new ones? Or do you make an effort to make sure that this customer keeps coming back to you in the future?

Short-Term Usage vs. Long-Term Usage

There are certain products that people use all the time, like paper towels, chocolates, magazines etc. These are the kinds of products that your customer will need to keep on buying from time to time. On the other hand, there are products such as refrigerators, beds or diamond earrings, which most people only tend to buy once every few years, if that.

Online Customer Retention for Both Types of Products

If you’re selling products which are useful in the short-term, then online customer retention is very important to you because the customer will have to keep coming back to buy that product. If you’re selling products with long-term use, you can still benefit from maintaining good relations with your customer. This will ensure that that customer comes back to you the next time they want to purchase that product, even if that happens ten years later. Plus, it will help to make sure that the customer mentions your brand to other people they know who want to purchase that product. So online customer retention is important no matter what type of product or service you’re selling.

Prompt and Reliable Delivery

When a customer buys your product, they want to get it delivered quickly and in one piece. In fact, this is one of the main concerns that a customer has when they buy a product online. Will it be delivered in time? Will the delivery cost a lot? Will the product be damaged during delivery? The customer can’t help wondering about all these things when they order your product. So making sure that the product gets delivered intact and within the time period allotted is the first step towards making sure that your customer remains happy with your product and service. It’s the first step towards online customer retention.

Convenient Exchanges and Returns

Another thing that customers are concerned about when they buy a product is whether it’s going to be possible to return or exchange it. No matter how much information you give a customer about a product, they might still not be happy with it when they actually see it. It might look or feel different. It might not be the right size. Or the customer might just find something else that they like better. So it’s important to the customer to be able to return or exchange the product with no fuss. Make sure that your return policy is clearly worded on your website. And just as you would provide prompt service for selling and delivering an item, you need to provide it for exchanges and returns as well.

Simple Assembly Directions and Services

Have you ever bought a product that looked great in the pictures but was virtually impossible to put together? It’s really important for there to be clear assembly directions included with the product. These directions should be as short and straightforward as possible. Some customers don’t mind paying more in order to get someone to come to their home and assemble the product for them. So it’s a good idea to provide this service. Complicated assembly directions are the number one thing that will lead a customer into returning your product and looking elsewhere. So make sure that this doesn’t happen.

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