XML Storefront Connector for E-Commerce Businesses

StoreFront Connector

StoreFront knows getting and keeping your Web store running takes the exchange of a tremendous amount of data. From product and inventory updates, to orders and financial data, leverage StoreFront Connector to transfer critical data into and out of your Web store freeing you of pesky data entry.

StoreFront Connector uses XML and Web services to create an interface that can integrate with a multitude of systems. StoreFront Connector can provide you the foundation you’re looking for to link your Web store with necessary processes and back-office systems.

Here Are Just A Few Ways StoreFront Connector Can Be Used To Streamline Your Online Business:

  • Import products into your Web store from multiple vendors regardless of the system. StoreFront Connector allows you to develop integrations with vendors for a streamlined approach to importing products and associating them with the correct categories.
  • Ensure inventory data is up-to-date by exchanging information in real-time between your online business and point-of-sale or accounting system. Then, set your StoreFront store to alert you when inventory is low.
  • Export orders from you Web store to your back-office system ensuring accurate financial reporting. Retrieve order information by order date, date range or order number and push them to your back-office system in batches.
  • Update order status, including tracking numbers, to help ensure accurate reporting and a positive customer experience.

XML Schemas

Click below to view the schemas which allow you to leverage your own Web services to communicate with StoreFront.

  • Export Orders
  • Import Customers
  • Import Inventory
  • Import Order Status
  • Import Products