Shopping Cart Software with Web Based Inventory Tracking

Web Based Inventory Tracking And Backorder

Rely on StoreFront to help keep you on top of inventory needs. StoreFront offers merchants the ability to track inventory and alert you when stock is low. Simply indicate the inventory amount available per item and when you’d like your store to alert you when inventory is low. In addition, offer customers the ability to purchase items on backorder.

Automated tracking: Indicate in Merchant Tools you’d like to track inventory per item. Simply indicate the initial amount of inventory available per item and as orders are placed StoreFront will update inventory. Track inventory for each item individually. For example, track inventory on the small red shirt, medium red shirt and large red shirt separately.

Low-stock alert: Choose the amount per product you’d like your store to regard as a low quantity amount. Then, indicate you’d like StoreFront to send you an e-mail notification when this low quantity amount is reached per product. Simply check a box, indicate the low quantity amount and provide your e-mail address.

Backorder capability: Some items are more difficult to keep in stock. That’s why StoreFront offers the ability to allow backorder. Simply check the allow backorder box in Merchant Tools and StoreFront will allow customers to purchase the item when it is out of stock. In addition, StoreFront will notify the customer the item is on backorder so they are aware there may be a delay receiving their order.

Easy inventory updates: When you have additional inventory of a particular item, simply add the new quantity in Merchant Tools and StoreFront will track the item based upon the new starting inventory.