Site Search Filters

Improve shopper experience and satisfaction by providing search filters. Search page filters help shoppers quickly and easily find the items they’re looking for by sorting by an attribute like color, size and more.

Flexible Filters

Choose to filter products by any attribute associated with your products. Then, choose the search filter name as you’d like it to appear in the drop-down box on your product pages. For example, if you sell jewelry online, using search-page filters you can provide customers with the opportunity to refine their search by gemstone making their shopping experience quick and easy.

Dynamic Results

Products that fall within search results will dynamically populate on a results page. Shoppers can then take a closer look at each product by clicking and going to the product detail page.

Multiple Filters

Allow shoppers to use multiple filters to narrow their results even further. Results will populate dynamically.

Inventory Dependent

Choose to remove out-of-stock items from search results or include them in results and offer back order capability.