Web Analytics


Knowledge is power! The more you know about your site traffic, campaign success, and user behavior, the more success you will have. Shopping Cart Analytics will be key to your business success.

Accurately correlate each transaction or purchase to a specific search term from paid and organic search engines, regardless of how long it takes for a customer to convert.

Analyze transactions and revenue by product and by quantity. See revenue by referrals, search terms, and domains. Locate your buyers – by country, by state, by city.


Web Analytics

StoreFront customers can now capitalize on the power of Google analytics, integrated with StoreFront. With reports designed exclusively for Executives, Marketers and Webmasters coupled with interactive charts and graphs allowing overview and detailed analysis, you’ll have the tools you need to turn shoppers into buyers.

  • Google Analytics Installation to StoreFront Web Store
  • StoreFront Integrated E-Commerce Tracking


  • Unique Visitor Tracking Reports
  • Visitor Segment Performance Reports
  • Search Engine Marketing Reports


  • Ad Version Testing
  • Content Performance
  • Navigational Analysis
  • Entrance Bounce Rates
  • Goals & Funnel Process
  • Web Design Paremeters


  • Commerce Tracking
  • Loyalty & Latency
  • Revenue Sources
  • Product Performance