Web Store Shipping Methods

The LaGarde team knows every web store has different shipping needs. In response, StoreFront allows you to select from three shipping methods to calculate shipping costs for your products. With a few clicks of the mouse, StoreFront will automatically calculate shipping based upon the parameters you set in Merchant Tools.

Carrier-Based Rates: This method will calculate shipping costs based on the shipment’s weight, origin and destination.

Add your account number directly into the StoreFront web store tools for Canada Post, UPS, FedEx or USPS and current shipping costs will automatically be tabulated. In addition, you can indicate you’d like to always charge a percentage of the current rate. For example, simply indicate you’d like to charge 105% of the current carrier rate to cover your administrative time and effort.

Provide customers with the tracking information for their shipment so they can keep tabs on their order. You can add the tracking number in Merchant Tools or utilize two of our streamlined shipping add-ons. Check out StructuredSolutions’ Shipper and StoreFront Connector for more information.

Value-Based Rates: This method will calculate shipping costs based on the total order cost. You define how much to charge for shipping based upon the order value and StoreFront will automatically indicate the correct amount upon checkout.

Product-Based Rates: This method will charge a flat fee for each item in an order. Simply indicate the amount you’d like to charge per item in Merchant Tools and StoreFront will automatically make the calculation.