Intuit QuickBooks WebStore

Integrate your StoreFront Web store with Intuit QuickBooks to ensure a seamless transfer of sales order, inventory, payment and customer information. All the critical common data is exchanged between StoreFront and QuickBooks freeing clients of data entry and costly errors. ***QuickBooks Supported Versions: QuickBooks Pro, Premier & Enterprise (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009) US Versions Only

StoreFront/QuickBooks Field Mapping Details

One-Way QuickBooks Integration:

  • Enter Web store orders into QuickBooks as invoices or sales receipts
  • Automatically create a new QuickBooks customer when you receive a first-time Web store customer
  • Capture Web store sales in QuickBooks for an accurate reflection of your financials
  • Breakdown an order total so taxes and shipping costs are attributed to the correct account within QuickBooks

Two-Way QuickBooks Integration:Call For Pricing

With the advanced, two-way QuickBooks integration you can also:

  • Update product stock quantity, pricing and cost
  • Schedule synchronization for both orders and inventory. Plus, set your Web store to alert you when inventory is low so you’re always on top of inventory needs.

***Please note that Two-Way Quickbooks will not push products from Quickbooks to StoreFront.