Quantity Discounts

If you’ve ever asked yourself, ‘How can I sell more?’, quantity discounts may be the answer. If you think it’s not as simple as offering a larger quantity with a price incentive to buy more, think again. Take a look at successful bulk retailers like Sam’s Club and Costco. They’ve packaged products in large quantities and have had great success in ‘selling more’. The ability to offer quantity discounts or volume pricing is built-in to the StoreFront e-commerce shopping cart solution.

StoreFront Quantity Discount Features:quantity discounts

  • Quantity Discount Options: Provide customers with quantity discounts by product. For each product you can specify several different volume discounts. The following options can be configured for each discount:
    • Discount by percent or amount
    • Set the minimum quantity that is eligible for the discount
    • Set the discount amount

    For example, if you choose to discount by percentage, you could set one minimum for purchases of 5 or more to discount by 10%. Then, set your next minimum of 10 or more for a 15% discount. Thus, when buyers purchase 5-9 items they receive a 10% discount while receiving 15% off 10 or more.

  • It’s Automatic: StoreFront will indicate on both the category and product page if an item is eligible for a volume discount. In addition, the volume discount price will automatically be reflected in the customer’s shopping cart.
  • Easy Price Changes: Volume pricing can be activated with a few simple clicks of the mouse in Merchant Tools.