Merchant-Defined Bundles

Improve customer satisfaction, drive revenue and manage inventory by offering product bundles or gift sets. With Merchant-Defined Bundles, you decide what items you’d like to offer customers in a bundle or gift set. Help shoppers navigate your site and draw attention to specific products. With StoreFront software, you can also add a promotion or discount on the bundles you create. Merchant-Defined Bundles are included when you purchase Customer-Defined Bundles.

  • Pricing Features: All pricing options are set at the bundle level allowing you to set different pricing rules for different bundles. Pricing options include:
    • Enter a set bundle price
    • Use the sum of all products
    • Discount or increase the sum of all products by a percentage or dollar amount
  • Bundle Management:
    • Easily select the categories a bundle should be featured within
    • Simply check the box next to an item you’d like included in the bundle
  • Marketing Features:
    • Place bundles on sale or clearance
    • Offer volume discounts
    • Provide a description and image of the bundle in addition to the individual product descriptions and images of items included in the bundle
    • Offer promotions or special discounts on bundles
    • Determine the order you’d like groups and products to display
  • Inventory Management
    • Inventory for both Merchant-Defined Bundles and individual product inventory is managed in the same database for ease of management and reporting. No need to manage two sets of inventory for your bundles.
    • StoreFront software will make bundle availability equal to the smallest amount of inventory available per product. Translation: if there are only two items left in inventory for a particular product, there will only be two bundles available.

How Does It Work?

Make Shopping Easy

Merchant-Defined Bundling helps customers purchasing a gift for someone to do so quickly. For example, a gentlemen knows his wife enjoys cooking. That said, he doesn’t know what he is looking for on a Web site filled with cooking gadgets and tools. Instead of giving her a gift card like usual, a gift set listed as “Gadgets for the Gourmet” seems like a perfect fit. He simply adds the gift set to his cart and checkouts out knowing he has the perfect gift for his wife.

Manage Inventory

In this example a merchant sells jewelry. They offer a matching necklace and bracelet that are popular products. However, the coordinating earrings don’t sell well. The merchant has excess inventory of this particular earring they’d like to get rid of. In response, the merchant can create a gift set that includes the popular necklace, bracelet and combine it with the earrings at a 10% discount. Not only will the merchant help manage inventory, but they are providing customers with a strong value by offering the set at a discount.