E-Commerce Reports

StoreFront comes equipped with a variety or reports designed to help you track success and make improvements. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can generate the report you need for a specific time period. Here is a brief description of all the reports available in StoreFront.

Built-In Reports

Sales Reports

Sales Details Report

The sales details report provides a list of all orders placed within a specified date range. Order ID, order date, order total and customer name are all provided. Select any order within the report to drill down for additional detail.

Sales Summary Report

The sales summary report provides a summary of all orders within a specified date range. The report includes total net and gross sales, number of orders placed, average orders per day and average amount per order. In addition, the sales summary report highlights the best and worst selling products. Improve marketing efforts by understanding which products sell well and details on the average order.

Product Sales Report

Better understand how well particular products are selling with the product sales report. The product sales report provides a list of sales by product for a specified date including total units sold and value of the items sold.

Specified Order Report

Search by Order ID or customer name to view a particular order or pull information on orders within a specified date range in order reporting. You can also search for orders based upon payment and shipping status.

Accounting Reports

Transaction Service Report

View the authorization code, AVS and retrieval code for orders processed using an online payment processing service in this report. Select an order to view all the payment information associated with e-checks, credit or debit cards.

Sales Tax Report

View taxes charged for each order tax type (local tax, state/province tax and country tax).

Ecommerce Marketing Reports

Coupon Code Reporting

View all orders within a specified date range that included a coupon. Total dollar amount discounted, dollar amount per order and number of orders placed are all included in the report. Better understand which coupons received the most traction as you strive to improve marketing efforts and your bottom line.

Extending coupons to customers is often a good way to increase sales. However, some coupons may work better than others. StoreFront allows you to report on the coupons you extend to determine which offers get the most transaction.

Comprehensive Reporting

With StoreFront software you can pull a master list of all the coupons used. The report reveals how many times a coupon was used, how much was saved and the amount of revenue generated overall.

Get The Details

StoreFront’s reporting feature allows you to drill down on each order to see specifically what items were purchased, amount of total order and more.

Improve Efforts

Ensure your marketing efforts are successful going forward by analyzing the results of past offers. Determine which offers are well received and which items are most often purchased when they are discounted. This information will ultimately help ensure future offers are successful and items are priced correctly.