Dynamic Imaging Suite

Dynamic Imaging Suite provides shoppers with an image that changes when they click a specific attribute like color. For example, when a shopper selects the blue color swatch, dynamic imaging displays an image of the product in blue.

With The Dynamic Imaging Suite You Can:

  • Improve customer satisfaction and relieve uncertainty by providing detailed, accurate product images. Customers also can view product details by using the zoom feature.
  • Show available stock by attribute like color. For example, if a product is available in red but not in green, StoreFront software will indicate the green item is unavailable.
  • Specify inventory by attribute to help ensure accurate data and a positive customer experience.
  • Add multiple images where desired. You determine if a particular product has multiple images associated with it. Multiple images are not required with dynamic imaging suite.
  • Eliminate customer confusion with attribute-specific cart thumbnail images. If the shopper puts a green item in their cart, the thumbnail picture upon checkout, will reflect the product they ordered is green.