Retailers Should Not Ignore These Benefits of an eCommerce Website

ecommerce website
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October 18, 2016
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Retailers Should Not Ignore These Benefits of an eCommerce Website

ecommerce website

If you chose to launch your business online through an eCommerce website, you made a good choice.

The Internet – through online businesses – contributes to over 2.2 trillion dollars annual retail sales. There is great potential, and the niche is continuously growing. New ways to enhance user experience emerge each year.

It’s no surprise why. Here are some of the most important benefits an eCommerce website offers you.

1. Establish an Online Presence

Almost half of the Earth’s population has an Internet connection today. America accounts for almost 22% of all Internet users. That alone is a compelling fact that supports the decision to start an online business.

ecommerce website

You can understand why having an online presence is a must. Online sales in the U.S. are expected to reach $523 billion in 2020. The same source states that mobile devices will drive that growth.

So, customers expect to find you online.

Having an eCommerce website offers you the chance to keep up with the competition and stay open 24/7. You’ll also get access to the over 200 million people browsing and buying from online retail shops.

2. Bring in New Customers

Having an online retail store allows you to reach and attract new customers. They also tend to be wealthier and spend more. That’s good news for you!

As a business owner, you naturally want to grow. You always want new customers.

An eCommerce website has the major advantage of driving traffic from search engines. Customers may have never heard of you, but they can find your products. This is a great benefit online stores have over offline stores.

3. It Saves You Time and Money

It may sound impossible, but an online business can actually save you valuable resources. This is achieved through specialized shopping cart software products.

ecommerce website

They allow you to easily manage your entire eCommerce website. You get:

  • Merchant tools – manage store settings, product inventory, discounts, and offers.
  • Product Management – unlimited products, categories, and subcategories.
  • Dynamic Image Suite – present your products with high-resolution zoomable images.
  • Filters – people can search for products that fit their needs.
  • StoreFront Connector – integrates accounting and POS systems together.
  • Bundles – you can sell items together.

You will no longer have to worry about the additional costs of an offline store.

4. It Helps You Understand Your Customers Better

An online store doesn’t just sell. It also offers you helpful insights. You can better understand who your customers are. It allows you to better determine your buyer persona. This data also enables you to analyze your customers’ buying habits.

This is helpful because you will be able to build loyalty. By satisfying your customers, you’ll be sure they will return to you. They will also recommend you to their friends.

An eCommerce website is great from a customer point of view. They can sit in their pajamas at midnight, browsing through your products. No fuss, just relaxing shopping. After the payment goes through, the items on their shopping list will be delivered at their doorsteps.

5. You Can Offer Valuable Information and Variety

Online, your store can have unlimited shelves. You can present as many products as you see fit to your customers. Along with that, you give them valuable information. They will understand products better.

ecommerce website

Don’t fall in the trap most online retailers do, though. Don’t use descriptions for products copied from the manufacturer. It is bad for SEO and for the customers.

Create unique content with useful insights. Offer value and as many relevant details as possible.

By offering more choices to the client, you increase your chances of making a sale. It is always nice to have a diverse pool of products and prices to choose from.

6. It Lowers Compulsive Shopping Habits

On your retail eCommerce website, customers can compare prices. They can compare features and characteristics. They will base their decision accordingly, which means their purchase will have a reason.

And this is great for you too! The customer won’t come to realize they needed something else after making a buy. This will lower those unwanted situations when the customer wants a refund.

Also, nobody pressures the client. Only your great content and impeccable services influence clients to buy.

7. Offering Privacy to Your Customers

Maybe a client is uncomfortable buying something. In a physical store, at least one person – the cashier – will see them. But your eCommerce website is a private space.

Customers can take their time looking at everything they want to. Their privacy is respected and they have no reasons to feel self-conscious.

ecommerce website

This is great, especially when selling things like lingerie. Customers’ transactions are private and the goods are shipped to their front doors.

8. An eCommerce Website Requires Fewer Resources

As mentioned before, running an eCommerce website saves you money. You no longer need a location big enough to accommodate all of your products. You just need a warehouse (or multiple ones, in different areas, to ship faster). This is much cheaper to manage.

Online retail stores also have another benefit. You’ll need fewer employees for the same tasks. This happens thanks to automation.

Billing customers and inventory management are simple using StoreFront software. You will have a clear overview over your online and offline stores. This will lead to fewer expenses and significant growth opportunities.

9. Money Making Opportunities

In 2015, online retail stores saw the most traffic during:

  • Black Friday – 2.1 million users
  • Cyber Monday – 1.5 million users
  • Thanksgiving – 1.6 million users

However, your eCommerce website doesn’t just offer you the opportunity to make it big on Black Friday. While that’s still a huge event that drives conversions, it’s surely not the only opportunity.

ecommerce website

In fact, recent statistics outlined that customers are no longer as excited about events as such.

The great news is that online shoppers buy every day. And experts estimate that by 2020 there will be 21 billion connected devices around the world. Think of that potential for a second.


Launching an eCommerce website is a great idea and has many benefits to offer today’s business owner.

Now you know an online store offers you the chance of making it big and grow your retail company. You know you can reach new clients and built loyalty. If you analyze the data presented so far, you’ll understand it’s a must.

We can help you enhance your efforts and increase your chances of success.

StoreFront is a flexible eCommerce solution with over 10 years of experience. 50.000 web stores around the world have successfully used it already.

Working with us gets you a feature-rich platform ideal for online retail stores. Go ahead and contact us today if you want to learn more or try a demo.

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