What is cart abandonment software?

cart abandonmentIn e-commerce, shoppers use a virtual shopping cart for the products they wish to purchase from your store. It’s not uncommon for customers to put products in a shopping cart and not actually check out and when this happens it’s called “cart abandonment”. Think of it as someone going to the grocery store loading their cart full of groceries and then as they get the register they park their cart and walk out of the store without the cart, without the products and without a purchase.

For ecommerce stores this is the worst that can happen. Why you ask? Simple, that customer that put that product in their cart is extremely likely to be extremely interested in the products that were in their cart and when they don’t check out, it’s likely they’ll still end up purchasing those products but potentially not from your store.

Cart abandonment software would be a software program or feature in a shopping cart program that identifies abandoned carts and lures the shopping back to your store to finish their purchase. Frequently this is done using a discount or special offer.

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