Accessing the Administration Area

The Administration Backend

Storefront is built with the operator of the store in mind. The backend of the store should make the task of managing your store, processing orders and keeping customers up to date, as efficient as possible. Storefront aims to deliver an easy to use interface and this first version is built with minimalist efficiency in mind.

Accessing the backend.

To access the backend, you’ll log into the store by clicking on login from the top user menu. This is the same login screen your customers and users would use.

Clicking on “Sign In” above will bring up the login screen

where you’ll enter your username (generally your email address) and your password and click the “Sign In” button to continue.

Once logged in the top level menu will change as shown below:

Clicking on My Account brings up the Account Menu and clicking on “Manage Store” will bring you to the administration backend.

Once logged into the administration backend you will see a screen similar to the below image. From here you’ll be able to further manage the store settings, the product catalog and users and orders.

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