5.1 Order Management

Order Management

To access the order management screen select Orders from the main menu as highlighted below


Once selected a list of your orders will display as well as their current status


Above you see the list of orders with their:

  • Order ID Number
  • Date of the Order
  • Order Amount
  • Customer Email Address (hidden here)
  • Status Icons:  Paid, Shipped, Complete
  • View Order Button

You’re able to page through orders using the paging buttons at the top of the list of orders:


You’re able to quickly jump to:

New Orders

On Hold Orders

Ready to Pick Orders

Ready to Ship Orders

Complete Orders

Search Orders

By clicking on the tabs at the top as shown below:


Searching Orders

If you wish to search orders quickly you can use the Search box on the right of the orders page as shown below:


With quick options for Status, Payment Status and Shipping Status.

View an Order

To view an order click on the “View” button next to the order in the orders list.  This will bring up the Order Details page as shown below.


Here you see an order with the Order Summary first shown,this provides details on the order’s payment, order’s shipping, totals and items in the order.  You’re also able to quickly manage the status of an order by clicking on the button on the right side of the order summary:


When an order first comes in, it will be flagged as “New Order” and as it moves along the order process it will update accordingly. You’ll also notice that an order history is displayed at the bottom of an order as shown below:


The order history is automatically updated as the order moves through the different stages of the order process.

Manage Order Payment

To manage an order’s payment select the Payment tab in the Order Page as shown below


Here you’re able to process payments, refund payments and see the current status of payments on orders.

Manage Shipping

To manage an order’s shipping status click on the “Shipping” tab as shown below to bring up the shipping options for an order


From this screen you’re able to ship products and also update their shipping tracking information so the end user remains up to date on the status of their order.

Editing Orders

This functionality is currently being further developed.

Return to Orders list

From an order page you can return to the Orders List at any time by clicking on the “Orders List’ Tab option as shown below.


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