4.2 Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists

In storefront, mailing lists are accessed by selecting Mailing lists from user “People” as shown below.


Once selected you’ll be taken to the Mailing Lists screen where you can manage your mailing lists.


Creating & Editing a List

To create a new list first click the “Create New Mailing List” button and this will bring up the Create Mailing List screen.


Here you’ll set the following settings:

  • Private – Check this option if the list is considered private.
  • Name – Enter a name for your mailing list

Once you’ve set your properties click the “Create” button to create your new mailing list. At any time if you wish to edit a list that you’ve previously created simply click the Edit hyperlink next to the list.

Deleting a Mailing List

To delete a mailing list click the “Delete” hyperlink next to the list.  Note once you delete a list it will be lost permanently and you’ll need to recreate the list from scratch if needed again.

Adding List Members

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