4.1 An Overview of People Management

An Overview of People Management


In storefront, the People menu item is where you manage your list of Users (both customers and store administrators), your marketing Mailing Lists and your Email Templates.  To access the People menu select People from the administration backend main menu and then select the option you want manage.



You’ll access users by clicking on “People” and then “Users” this will bring up the Users Management Screen as shown below.


From this screen you’re able to search your list of users, create new users and edit, manage or delete users as needed.

Creating a new user

To create a new user click the “Create New User” button on the Users screen and the screen will update as shown below.


From here you’ll enter the email address for the new user, assign them a password and then select their Role.  The role options are as follows:

  • Customers – These are your store customers.
  • Managers – These are store employees.
  • Anonymous – These are unknown users.

Once you’ve defined your user and set their role, click “Create User” and the new user will be created.

Editing Users


To edit a user, click the edit box next to the user you wish to edit. This will bring up the Edit user screen as shown below.


From this screen you can edit the following fields for your users

  1. Email – You can change the email address assigned to the user
  2. First Name – You can change the first name of the user
  3. Last Name – You can change the last name of the user
  4. Tax Exempt – You can define the user as tax exempt
  5. Locked Out – If a user is locked out this box would be checked and the user would no longer be able to access their account on your store.
  6. Notes – These are administrative notes for your internal users.
  7. Role – Here you can change the role of a user in your system

Once you’ve made the changes you can click the “Save” button to save your edits.

Deleting a user

To delete a user click the delete link next to the user in the Users list as highlighted below.


Deleted users cannot be reversed or undeleted so please use this feature with caution.

Viewing a User Details

To view a user’s details click the “Details link next to the user in the Users list and the screen will update to display all of the information about that user as shown below.


If you need to edit a user after viewing it, you can simply click the “Edit User” button and you’ll be taken to the edit user screen immediately.

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