3.9 Product Properties – Related Items

Product Properties – Related Items

The Related Items settings allows you to define which products are related to other products on product pages, during checkout, etc.  Leveraging related items often show up on product pages as “Customers that bought this item were also interested in these items” areas like found on  In Storefront Related Items display on the product page as shown below


In Storefront you can set the related items page by going to the products menu and selecting “Related Items” from the left menu. as shown below


This brings up the related items screen like below:


Adding Related Items

To add related items simply click on the “Add Related items” button and this brings up a list of products in your catalog. From here you’ll simply click the Add button to add the items as highlighted below


As you add products they will disappear from the menu.

You’re also able to search and filter the products using the search box at the top and clicking the “Filter” button.   After you’ve added a few products to the Related Items list the Related items will update as shown below:


Sorting Related Products

You’re able to sort the related products by simply clicking on the arrow selector next to a product and moving the product up or down in the list.


Deleting Related Products

You’re able to remove product relations by simply clicking on the red icon to the right of the product as highlighted below


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