3.7 Product Properties – Inventory

Product Properties – Inventory

Inventory is tracked on a per item basis and can be set under the Product settings selecting Inventory from the left menu. Once you’ve selected inventory it will look like the below screen


Inventory Settings

On the Inventory screen you can see at the top that the product is available for sale because of the large green box.  When Inventory is out of stock it will change to look like the below:


Inventory Mode


On the Edit Inventory screen, the Mode option allows you to define how Inventory is handled the available options are:

  • Hide when out of stock – Select this option and the product will automatically no longer show up in searches when inventory is depleted.
  • Ignore Inventory – This will display the product and make it available for sale whether Inventory is available or not.
Low Stock Warning At


The Low Stock Working At setting allows you to set what quantity you’ll start to get notifications that stock is low and you should look to add additional stock soon.

Current Inventory


The Current Inventory display gives you an overview of how many of the items are available and currently in inventory, how many have been reserved for previous purchases and how many are available total.

Adjusting Inventory


From the Adjustment Dialog you’re able to manage your inventory.  You can add a quantity to the available inventory, substract a quantity from the available inventory or reset the available inventory.  To make changes simply select the option, enter the quantity and click the “save” button.

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