3.6 Product Properties – Variants

Product Properties – Variants

Variants are used to create unique price, sku and inventory selections based off of customer choices.  For example, if you were selling a smart phone you may have an option that has 16GB of memory or 32GB of memory. The 32GB version would be slightly more and you would maintain separate inventory levels for each version.  This is how Variants would be leveraged.

To create a variant first you define the customer choices and then create the variants from that. Variants can be multi-dimensional where you have multiple customer choices that result in different variants. Using the smart phone example. Maybe we have a silver and a black smart phone and both come in 16GB and 32GB versions. That would be 4 different phones we’d carry in stock with different pricing, sku’s and potentially weight options.

Creating Variants

Before you can add a variant you’ll first have to add a customer choice and set that customer choice as a variant in it’s choice options as shown below


Adding customer choices that are variants will change the customer choice options to show those options that are variants:


Once you’ve added your customer choices then you can create the variants. To create the variants you’ll first select the “Variants” option from the product menu as shown below


From here the Edit Variants Screen will display


You can manually add variants by selecting the Variant combinations and then clicking the “Add Variant” button or you can click the “Create All Variants” button.

After we’ve added our variants the Edit Variants screen will change as displayed below


Editing Variants

Once our variants are added we’ll want to edit the options for each variant separately.  This is completely optional but generally your products will have different options based on the different variants. To edit variants simply click Edit next to the variant you wish to update and this will bring up the “Edit Variant” box for that particular Variant similar to what’s shown below:


The options are as follows:

  • Custom SKU – The custom sku is if you want a special sku for inventory tracking and reporting for this variant. If so you would enter it here.
  • Changes Price – Here you can set the variant to either use the product price or the special variant price.

Finally, once your options have been selected, simply click the “Save Changes” button to save the variant changes.

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