3.3 Product Properties – Shipping

Product Properties – Shipping

The Shipping settings are accessed by clicking on edit product and then selecting “Shipping” from the left menu.  Doing so brings up the Edit Shipping page


Here we can set the following Shipping Properties:

  • Non-Shipping – Check this box if this is not a shippable product such as a downloadable product.
  • Weight – Set the weight of the product when packed for shipping
  • Length – Set the length of the product when shipped.
  • Width – Set the width of the product when shipped.
  • Height – Set the height of the product when shipped.
  • Extra Fee – Add any extra fee that this product may have when being shipped this could include setting a handling fee.

These settings are all feed into the real-time shipping calculators and used to help calculate shipping costs as your customers purchase products from your store.

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