2.1 Catalog Concepts

Catalog Concepts

An Overview of the Catalog

In Storefront the Catalog is where you’ll manage your store’s products and pages.  In addition to managing the products and pages the Catalog menu option is also where you’ll find reviews, manage store discounts and manage the overall aspects to your store catalog on the web such as the navigation menus.

The menu for catalog will look like this:


As you can see the options are:

  • Products – Managing your various products in your store and the product settings
  • Pages – In Storefront you create “Pages” and these pages can be standard content pages and catalog category pages.
  • Approve Reviews – Reviews are handled under the “Approve Reviews” menu item.
  • Sales and Offers – Here you’re able to create a wide range of discounts, promotions and coupon codes.
  • File Manager – The File Manager is where you can manage the files in your store, upload new content, etc.
  • Nav – Header Links  – The Nav Header Links is where you can override the default menu display option in storefront with your own menu items.
  • Nav – Footer Links – Similar to the Nav Header Links you can override the menu options for the footer menu as well.
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