How to Drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Website through Social Media

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August 23, 2016
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September 6, 2016
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How to Drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Website through Social Media

In the world of eCommerce, advertising and traffic are crucial. People won’t wonder accidentally to your eCommerce website. That means you need to draw them in. There’s no better medium to do that than social media.

If you want resounding success, however, you’ll have to take it seriously. Here are some tips that will help you become a social media sensation:

Come Up with a Comprehensive Plan

The key to a successful social media marketing campaign is to plan ahead. Experimenting is recommended, but you can’t just throw things at the wall and see what sticks. You need a strategy to keep you focused on the goals.eCommerce website

Research Your Audience

If your eCommerce website sells furniture, for example, you can expect the audience to be interested in furniture. However, you have to go deeper if you want to connect with people.

Knowing their needs is the key to attracting people to your storefront. Going with that example, you can assume your audience just moved to a new home. They may be interested in tips about settling down in a new place and other similar topics.

Learn as much as you can about them. The more you know, the more traffic you’ll be able to bring in. That’s because you can refine your tactics to target them more effectively.

Research Your Current eCommerce Website Traffic and Strategy

Knowing your current results is a big part of improving them. Think of the tactics you used up to this point and measure the results.

You may realize, for example, that you were not targeting your audience well. Maybe you weren’t active enough on social media. There are, in fact, many things that you are not doing efficiently.

The point of researching your current results is to see where you can improve. You’ll have a better idea about how your eCommerce website can improve.

Set Goals

Now that you know the playing field, you can predict the success you might have. Set clear benchmarks and deadlines.

Many companies underestimate the importance of this step. Don’t be like them. You need clear goals to stay focused and get real results.ecommerce website

You may set your target too high or low, but that’s all right. It’s part of the learning process. The strategy isn’t set in stone, and you can change its goals if necessary.

Choose Your Tactics

That can be considered the “meat” of the planning stage. It’s the part where you decide exactly how you’ll drive traffic to the eCommerce website.

First of all, choose the social media sites. If you have the time and manpower, try every platform. Based on your initial results, choose two or three and focus on them.

The next part is to decide how you’ll drive traffic. That involves several aspects:

  • The type of content you’ll distribute – There is a huge variety to choose from. It could be informative articles, funny pictures, products descriptions or many other things. Choose what you feel would work best for your audience. You should consider curated content as well. It can bring great results with little effort.
  • The tone of your content – Some eCommerce website visitors prefer a sober, professional tone. Others get great traffic by being casual and friendly. Again, pick the tone and style that your audience likes.
  • The frequency with which you post – Your social media efforts need to be consistent. That means that you need a clear timetable. Choose how often you’ll post and stick to the decision. Bonus tip: Post on Twitter as often as possible. Your success will have a lot to do with the volume of your Tweets.
  • The keywords and hashtags you’ll use – Being funny on social media is nice, but if you want traffic, you’ll need to choose your keywords. You’ll be easier to find if you pick good ones.

Your audience wants to know that you care about them. A great way of proving that you do is interacting with them on social media. Create a company policy that ensures every follower gets the attention they deserve.

Allocate Responsibility

Once you’ve got your tactics planned out, put someone in charge. Just encouraging people to help will lead to a confused and disconnected campaign.

Put someone in charge of the project and give them the helpers they need. When everyone knows what they have to do, the overall quality goes up.

Everyone involved needs to take their job seriously. Increasing traffic is an important task, after all. Your company will become a well-oiled traffic generating machine in no time.

Measure Results

A crucial part of any strategy is to see its effects as it happens. You have to do this to make sure that every idea is working out. If it’s not, you can scrap it and do something else.

There are countless variables at play here, and you need to stay informed. Every measured variable helps you make the right decision.ecommerce website

With a bit of luck and a lot of planning, you’ll hit every benchmark. Then, at the end, you can firmly say that the campaign was a success.

Tips on Bringing Traffic to Your eCommerce Website

A powerful presence on social media is great, but you can do even better. Besides a constant stream of quality posts, here are a two other useful things that you can use:

Create a Blog

Original content is the bread and butter of social media traffic. The thing is, though, that a block of text followed by a link to your website isn’t the best format.

You will see a lot more traffic if you create a company blog and put your content there. Post quick descriptions of your content on social media and a link to the blog. People are much more likely to click then.

This way, you’re directing traffic to your website and then you can entice people to buy. Putting a link to the store right on social media is simply less efficient.

Find Collaborators

Even when your social media accounts are doing well, they’re just one set of accounts. If other influential people or businesses were linking to your eCommerce website, it would be even better. That’s why trying to gain collaborators is a good idea.1699050

The general idea is that you promote them, and they promote you. It’s a win-win situation. While it won’t make any dramatic changes in traffic, it will surely help.

Find out who your audience also listens too and see if they aren’t interested in partnering up.

How to Achieve Ecommerce Success

Marketing and social media play a significant role in your company’s growth. Another important aspect, however, is the layout of the website and the eCommerce software you use.

If your site doesn’t look good enough, the people accessing it won’t want to buy. Because of that, you need a robust website that will turn everyone who visits into a client.

To help you and your company thrive, we created StoreFront. With it, you can design a winner eCommerce website faster than ever. Take your business to the next level right now!

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