How Important Your Web Storefront Product Pages Are – How to Optimize Them

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How Important Your Web Storefront Product Pages Are – How to Optimize Them

Most web storefront owners focus on creating a stunning homepage. However, they forget how important product pages are as well. Choosing the perfect way to present your products is essential.

Small businesses usually have a low number of product pages. That increases their importance even more. It is easy to forget about them when you have hundreds of products for sale. But when you have only between 20 and 50 products – it’s a whole different situation.

In this post, we’ll look at how important product pages are and how you can optimize them to get the most out of your online store.

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Product Pages – Your Web Storefront Bread and Butter

Are you wondering why a product page is so important? The answer is simple: That’s where you should convert your audience into paying customers.

An efficient e-Commerce product page captures its audience’s attention. That’s what people came to your store for – a product or a service. The way you present your product page determines its success.

You may have the best social media strategy and a huge budget for PPC campaigns. But if your web storefront product pages don’t fulfill their purpose, your store won’t be efficient.

Now that you understand its importance let’s see what an optimized product page means.

High-Resolution Images

High-resolution images for your products are a must in 2016. They capture your visitors’ attention and gets their interest. They don’t just need to be beautiful, but the right size as well.

An image too large to fit on the screen or too small for the user to discern what it is negatively impacts your performances. Try to use for all your online storefront product pages images of the same size. Also, try to let the user zoom in to see more details.

Try to use images of the same size for all your web storefront product pages. Also, try to let the user zoom in to see more details.

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Many Details and a Unique Description

You need to convince your visitors to buy your product. First of all, give them the chance to see it from multiple angles. Using a 360-degree view is amazingly helpful!

Then, give them a unique description for the product. Just don’t leave this section blank. The lack of text kills your product page. Don’t use a product description provided by the manufacturer. Duplicate content is bad, real bad.

Also, chances are your competition did that. You want your page to be unique. Plus, Google might even ban your page from search results. Who knows on how many other pages that same text appears?

The quality of your images and one-of-a-kind product description have an enormous positive impact on the visitors. It influences how they feel about what you are selling. After all, you want to make them feel good about it, right?

Your Web Storefront Needs Product Reviews

In 2016, one does not simply buy something without checking reviews. Some users do their own research before making a decision. Most of them can be converted with ease if there are reviews on your product page.

Why? Simple: customer reviews increase conversion rate and revenue. 98% of consumers read online reviews.

Customer reviews also create free unique content for your page. The more reviews, the better. The more often your page is updated, the more it will help with your overall SEO efforts.

To get more reviews for your products try to do the following:

  • Offer incentives – a small discount, for example
  • Send them an email and ask them to review the product
  • Use an easy to rate system – stars, for example
  • Respond – thank your reviewers
  • Tell your customer service and sales employees to ask for reviews

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Be Trustworthy and Offer Security

People are more and more frightened by online fraud. Thus, online security is vital for your business. Here’s what you can do to build trust in your web t:

  • Write content for humans, not (just) for Google
  • Be transparent – let everybody know who you and your team are
  • Trust badges mean authority
  • Ask your clients for reviews and testimonials
  • Quality images – Avoid stock photos
  • Use a stunning design. No pop-ups or flashy banners, seriously!
  • Use numbers to show you’re as great as you claim to be.

Make It Load as Fast as Possible

Every second matters. Loading time determines if a potential customer closes the tab or not. We want things to load now. Nobody has a few extra seconds to wait around for your product page to load.

Make sure your web storefront pages load as fast as possible. Over 30% of your visitors will never wait longer than a few seconds.

StoreFront has over ten years of experience with cloud-based hosted solutions for your e-Commerce store. We offer great loading speeds and a dedicated customer support. We also offer a shared SSL certificate for secure and fast transmission of information.

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Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Product Pages

We can’t stress this enough. There are so many smartphone users worldwide that you can no longer ignore them. Google is giving you a boost in rankings if you’re mobile-friendly. Everything is in your favor.

If you’re just starting your web page, focus on a responsive design. Your e-Commerce store will automatically resize to fit any screen size. In this way, you can use your stunning design even on smartphones and tablets.

Test it before you release it. Make sure the user experience is fluid and pleasing. Make sure everything can be tapped with ease. For mobile devices, you should develop simplified checkout and payment methods.

Go the Extra Mile

Incorporate extra features on your product pages, without ruining the user experience. Here’s what your options are:

  • Live Chat, as it enhances customer experiences – even with a FAQ section, this helps
  • Add product videos
  • Add a stock notification feature
  • Demonstrate how your product works
  • Add before and after images showing results
  • Incorporate social media buttons
  • Have clear shipping and return policies

Always go the extra mile to create beautiful product pages for your web storefront. That will increase your conversion rate.

Google and social media users love videos. An amazing experience for your visitors will also help your brand. Follow these guidelines and put in enough work to get the edge over your competition.

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Product pages are as relevant to your web storefront as the homepage. A stunning design helps, but you need all of the above to be successful. Don’t leave anything unchecked.

We’re in 2016. Refusing to adapt is a deal breaker. Take social media and mobile traffic into account. Be a professional and you will convert better than your competition.

StoreFront has been in business for almost 20 years. During this time we helped some 30.000 clients from 70 countries to grow their online businesses.

Our experience and team of professionals surely have a solution for you as well. You can contact us anytime if you have questions.

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