1.2.1.Store Settings #

From the administration area of the store, select “Settings -> Store Settings”. 

From here you’ll set the basic settings for your store including:

  • StoreName – The name of your store
  • StoreAddress – The address for your store
  • Store Public Email – The email address for inquiries from your store
  • Store Public Phone – The main phone number for your store
  • Time Zone – Your preferred time zone.
  • Country – What country and number format to use.

There are also a number of additional configuration options on this screen you’ll want to consider setting:

  • Number of Product for Also Bought – On each product page is a list of products that other shoppers in your store may have bought when they bought this particular product. This an opportunity to upsell your customers and offer them products that others have shown an interest in.  Here you set how many additional products you want to show.
  • Number of Days for Also Bought – Depending on the how active your store is you can define how far back in time to search orders to make recommended product recommendations. The default is 30 days.
  • Show Customer Also Bought – You can define if you want to display the “customer also bought” products or not.
  • Show May Also Like – The “May Also Like” is similar to “Customer Also Bought” in that it’s an opportunity to recommend other products, however for this list you set the related products or the “May Also Like” list.
  • Old Product Url – This is used for conversion from other shopping carts as storefront will create a 301 redirect from old urls to the new SEO friendly URLs that storefront uses. It’s best to not change this unless instructed to do so.
  • Old Category Url – Similar to Old Product Url. It’s best to not change this unless instructed to do so.
  • Preferred Domain for Canonical URLs – Chances are your store has more than one domain name or url that it can be access by. This can be, or and similar. For SEO best practices you want to set a canonical domain, your preferred domain. This would be set here.
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