2.5.Reviews #

Reviews are a key component of any e-commerce website today and they help buyers make informed decisions as well as increase search engine exposure. To manage reviews, simply navigate to the “Approve Reviews” menu item under the Catalog menu as highlighted below


This will bring up the Product Reviews page as shown below


Approve Reviews

To approve reviews you’ll navigate to the “Product Reviews” page.  Once there a list of reviews will display similar to the below. Simply click on the green botton with a check mark on it, as highlighted below to approve the review and the review will start displaying on your product page.


Edit Reviews

To edit reviews or review a review in more depth simply click on the “Edit” button as highlighted below.


This brings up the review details page as shown below


From this page you can further review the review and if necessary edit the review content (for example removing any hyperlinks that may exist in the review). Once you’ve made your changes simply click the Save button and the review will be updated.

Delete Reviews

To delete a review, simply click on the Red icon with a garbage can in it as highlighted below. Please note once a review is deleted it is permanently removed from the system and can not be recovered.


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