3.4.Product Properties – Images #

The Product Images settings are found by clicking on the “Images” menu option in the left hand menu on the products page. Here we can upload images for our products and then we can also set caption text and “Alt Image Text” which are both important for usability and handicap accessibility.

Uploading an image

To upload an image for a product, select the choose files option on the screen shown below, select the image from your computer and click “Upload Images” to upload the image to the store.  Note, storefront supports selecting and uploading multiple images at one time streamlining the process of loading images for your products into your store.


Editing Image Text

After your image is uploaded click on the Edit button as shown in the image above and this brings up the “Edit Product Image” screen shown below


From here you’ll enter a new caption text and Alt Text to be displayed for your product image.  Then click the “Save” button to save those changes. The screen will refresh back to the Images screen and your changes are automatically saved.

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