4.3.People Management - Email Templates #

Email Templates

Email templates are accessed from the People main menu as shown below


By clicking on Email Templates and this brings up the Email Templates Management Screen where you can create new email  templates and manage existing email templates.


Creating A New Email Template

To create a new email template click on the “Create New Template” button from the Email Templates Management Screen. This will bring up the edit Template page where you can edit the email template using standard HTML text.


Editing Email Templates

To Edit an Email Template click the Edit button next to the template you want to edit as shown below.


Doing so will bring up the “Edit Template Screen” as shown below


Here you can manage the different parts of the email template.  Note that there are two main areas that make up an email template. The Body of the template and the Repeating Section of a template.  The body is the main body of the email and the repeating section would be the portion of an email template that may repeat such as a list of products in a cart.

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