3.1.Adding Products – SKU, Name, Price #

Adding A Product

To add a product you’ll click on the “Add New Product” button from the Products menu under Catalog -> Products.


This brings up the “Create Product” Page as shown below.


From the Create Product page you’ll enter the following:

  • SKU – The SKU will be the unique identifier for your product in your product catalog.
  • Name – The Name of the product as it be displayed in your catalog.
  • Price – The Price of the product in your catalog
  • URL – The unique URL for your product.  This is very important for ease of use as well as SEO.  You’ll want to name the url something that represents the product.  You can not use special characters like space, ampersand, commas, periods or apostrophes. You can only use letters, numbers and dashes. An acceptable URL would be “my-new-product” or “mynewproduct”  or “mynewproduct2016” and each URL should be unique to each product.

Once youv’e added your new product details it will look something like this:


Go ahead and click the “Save” button to save your new product.

Editing Products

After saving a new product you’ll get the edit product screen which looks like this:


The edit product screen is also accessed from the product listing when clicking on the “EDIT” button next to a product which looks like this:


Navigating the Edit Product Screen

The edit product screen has key areas. The Product settings area:


The Product Features edit Area:


And then the Actions buttons:


Product Settings

Product settings has the following elements:

  • Status – The options here are:
    • Active – This product is currently active and displays in your for visitors to purchase.
    • Disabled – This product is currently inactive and will not be displayed
  • SKU – Here you can manage the SKU of your product if needed.
  • Name – Here you can manage the name of your product
  • Price – This is the base price for your pdocut
  • Advanced Pricing – We can set special pricing options.
  • Description – This is the description of your product. The first 150 characters of the product description are automatically used as a short description for your product.
  • Optional Information – We’re able to set some optional settings for your product that mostly are used for SEO options.
  • URL – Here you can update the url for your product
  • Tax Schedule – Here you can define the Tax Schedule and settings for this particular product.

Finally there is a save button to save any changes.  Changes will not be saved unless you click the save button. Clicking on the save button the screen will refresh and display a informational popup like the below confirming that your changes have been saved.


The red button on the page is the delete button.


Clicking the delete button will result in your product being permanently deleted.

Advanced Pricing

The Advanced Pricing options are found on the Edit Product Screen and display when you click on the “Advanced Pricing” button that looks like this:


Clicking on that button brings up a new set of settings that look like this:


Here you can set the following settings:

  • Retail Price – You can set a retail price for your products and the retail price will display on the products crossed out so your visitors know the product’s price is marked down.  
  • Text for Price – Some manufacturers don’t allow you to display a price for their product when it’s below the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP Pricing). Here you would place text that would display instead of the price like “add to cart for pricing”.  The price would then display in their shopping cart.
  • Internal Cost – This allows you to set what your cost for the product is so that you can automatically create reports based on profit margins.

Optional Information

The Optional Information options are found on the Edit Product Screen and display when you click on the “Optional Information” button that looks like this:


Clicking on that button brings up the settings as shown below:


Here you can set the following settings:

  • Short Description – The short description is a key part of your product catalog and used on pages as well as for SEO.  If you don’t set the Short Description it will automatically be set for you using the first 150 characters of your product description.
  • Meta Title – The Meta Title is the <TITLE></TITLE> setting for a web page. This is a key element for SEO and is set for you by default as follows:

Store Name | Product Name

It’s really important you set this setting to get optimal SEO impact.

  • Meta Keywords – These are key words that you’d like your page to rank for and show up in SEO. Although not heavily used in SEO today it’s still considered best practices to enter your keywords here as a comma separated list like: keyword, keyword phrase, keyword 2, etc
  • Meta Description – This is the short text that displays in search engine results under the page title. This too is best practices to fill out.
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