6 Mistakes to Avoid when Launching Your New Web Storefront

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6 Mistakes to Avoid when Launching Your New Web Storefront

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When you’re launching your first web storefront, things can be complicated. There are so many aspects you need to take care of. If you also lack the knowledge of how to get the job done right, it gets worse.

There are tons of optimization processes that you need to take care of. There is so much to do that you can lose your focus.

Launching your new web storefront is an exciting moment. You should be proud. But it is just the first step towards being successful. You’ve certainly read a lot on the subject. So, here are six mistakes you should make sure to avoid:

1. Having the Wrong Mentality

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Everything will go the way you plan it. The right mentality is a powerful “tool” every online business owner must possess.

Your newly launched web storefront won’t act as a magnet. It will not be able to draw in customers – not at first. Fully building it, optimizing and getting traffic takes time – a lot of time, hard work and patience.

The world is getting closer to a major milestone. Almost 50% of humans have access to an Internet connection as we speak. There are 1.07 billion websites – the first one was launched in 1991.

So, ask yourself if just launching it is enough. Understand that you have to think about long-term goals. You won’t be successful overnight.

2. Your Web Storefront Lacks a Logo

That is a common mistake. Small online business websites are launched without having an identity. They have a name, but not a face. That is a great loss because the logo is the first thing people see – and remember.

Why do so many web storefront owners commit this mistake? Maybe because they still think a logo costs a lot of money.

Granted, hiring a professional designer can set you back a lot. But there are other ways of doing it. Some are even free.

3. Being Social the Wrong Way

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That is a must for 2016. But the mistake isn’t that people don’t implement social proof. They do it wrong. And it hurts their newly launched web storefront a lot.

Here’s what you should understand by social proof:

  • Reviews
  • Social Media Accounts

Pretty basic but not so simple. Let’s break them apart so you can understand better.


Reviews are a great way to influence conversions. 92% of consumers read online reviews. The web storefront rating is a major factor when deciding whether to buy or not.

More importantly – don’t use fake reviews. Your products can’t have five or ten positive reviews if you’ve just launched them. People are getting cautious about what they trust. Fake reviews will harm your business a lot.

Social Media Accounts

Implementing your social media accounts is a smart idea. It’s a sign people can find you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google or LinkedIn. But that’s the most important aspect: The “or”.

The best thing you can do is focus on one channel at a time. As you grow your Facebook brand page or Twitter channel, start working on others. Do it gradually so that you can understand better each social media network.

4. Not Being Focused on About and Contact Pages

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When you’re running a web storefront, you need to be transparent to gain trust. That means that people will research your brand. That happens before buying anything.

So in case you’ve just launched your online business, keep this in mind. The About page needs to be clean and informative. Tell them who you are and why they should buy from you. Speak about your products as well. What makes them great?

The Contact page is just as important. People need to know you are real. Provide an address and a phone number. Customers always want to know where you’re located. That helps them find out where their products are being delivered from.

5. Not Having a Long-Term SEO Strategy

Why is SEO so important? It brings in potential buyers day after day. If done right, it will boost your sales in ways you can’t even imagine. It also has an advantage over paid ads. The outcome of SEO takes time, though.

Facebook Ads and Google AdWords stop delivering your ads the moment you stop paying. But SEO will keep on being profitable. Add to the equation the fact that some customers avoid paid ads.

Over 37% of your web storefront’s traffic comes from organic search. Only 0.64% is from paid ads.

Thus, you can see how important SEO is. When a potential customer is looking for a product like yours, you need to be there – on the first page, as high as possible. So, come up with your website’s top keywords and build great content for them.

Here’s how to optimize your product pages. That articles also offers you some useful tips for your web storefront.

6. Not Understanding the Different Marketing Channels

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eCommerce website owners don’t dedicate enough time and money to different marketing channels. They end up losing more than they’ve spent.

Search engine optimization pays off in the long-run. But Google AdWords, Facebook and Instagram Ads or influencers outreach are different.

Spending $100 on Facebook Ads and getting zero sells is a typical situation. Many believe it just doesn’t work – and they never do it again.

But it’s all about the targeted audience. It may need more money to start showing results – more testing and understanding. Think in terms of ad design and copy.

If you’ve just launched your web storefront, prioritize. Take each channel at a time and focus on it. Track results and always analyze. Or, hire a specialist that can take care of this for you.


Launching an online business is hard work. In certain cases, making one of the mistakes described above could be fatal.

Try your best to avoid them. Not doing so can be considered a sabotage. Your business, time and hard work are at stake.

Try to build the best user experience for your web storefront. Use a platform that is flexible and scalable. It all comes down to this: Building relationships with happy customers.

StoreFront is a shopping cart software with over ten years of experience. We’ve powered over 50.000 eCommerce websites so far.

Working with us gets you access to a flexible and feature-rich platform. We can also help you out with marketing solutions and offer an excellent customer support.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more.

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